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Bank accounts are easy targets for unwanted deductions. Many people lose money this way. Your workforce can receive their salaries in their bank accounts as normal. Or, they can use our in-app mobile wallet.

It often happens that someone’s salary gets eaten up by deductions the day they get paid. Now, you can empower your workforce in a brand new way. Allow them to choose where their money goes.

When you give us money to pay out, we create an opportunity for them to choose. Anyone who activated their mobile app, can choose where their money goes. To their bank account, their mobile wallet, or a split of the two. They can choose every time you pay them.

Payments go directly to the bank accounts of those who did not activate the app.

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Workforce empowerment, by paying employees to their MiVoice wallets
Workforce empowerment, by paying employees to their MiVoice wallets

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